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Makeup Kit Must-Haves

Hello gorgeous ladies!

How are the  first two weeks of the year goin'? Hope 2012's not making it hard for you chicas. As for me, it's plainly boring. I just stayed at home, surfed the net, watched DVD's, and slept.

I've been thinking of a topic to blog the past days but my mind wasn't cooperating. It always stayed blank. Until I thought of arranging my makeup traincase and realized to why not share with you what makeup products should every lady have in her vanity table (or makeup bag?)

I'm pretty sure a lot of pretty ladies out there are still confused on which makeup stuff to buy. Most are probably still on their baby powder-lip tint combo in daily makeup application.

Well, don't fret anymore ladies! Below are some products you need to own to do a full-on makeup.

Face Primer
When you are stuck in a place as humid as the Philippines, you definitely need to have something to hold your makeup in place. That's what primers do. Make sure that you get something that's formulated for your skin type.
Make sure to let the primer get absorbed by the skin before applying foundation.
Best products I've tried so far:
L'Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer (Php 945; any Watson's store nationwide)
Smashbox Anti-Shine Oil Absorber (AED 110; not available locally *but you're lucky if you can find online shops that sell this product.)

Who here has perfectly even skin, raise your hand! Well, if you have put up your arm, you probably are a doll. (And I mean literally.) That's why foundations are created to achieve that porcelain doll skin. There are different forms of foundation. Powder forms give a sheer coverage while liquids provide medium coverage. Cream foundations offer the heaviest coverage and are great for hiding imperfections.
To know your shade, choose 3 foundations that are nearest to your skin color and swatch each of them on your jawline. Whichever shade disappears is your shade.
Always set cream or liquid foundation with powder to avoid melting of face makeup.
If you have yellowish or golden skin tone, use a foundation with with yellow undertones. (Warm skin)
Wear a foundie with reddish undertones if your skin appears pinkish or beige. (Cool skin)
If you are more on the greenish or bronzy side, choose a foundation with neutral tones. (Olive skin)

Concealers are used to cover up dark circles, dull skin, pimples, and other blemishes and pigmentation. There are two kinds of concealer -- neutral and corrective. Neutral concealers are just regular skin-tone in color and covers imperfections that are not quite pigmented. Corrective concealers are actually concealers in different colors such as yellow, green, and even purple. This type of concealer is used to neutralize the undesired colors on the face prior to application of foundation. Green counteracts redness thus it's great for covering rosacea, and acne. Purple is used to liven up dull, yellow skin. Whereas yellow covers purple pigmentation like under-eye dark circles and bruises.Tips:
After applying corrective concealer, dab a thin layer of neutral concealer for an even coverage
You can use a neutral concealer about 2-3 shades lighter to highlight your cheekbones and nose bridge.
As for contouring the hollows of the cheeks, the temples, the jawline, and the sides of the nose, use a neutral concealer that's 2-3 shades darker.
Best product I've tried so far:
DollFace Cosmetics 20-pc Corrective Concealer Palette (PhP 900; DollFace Cosmetics site)

Eyeshadow Primer
You might think this is just a waste of money.. but it's not! Eyeshadow primers make your shadows more vibrant, make them last longer, and prevent them from creasing. Make sure to invest in quality primers though as some don't function as what they should do.
Best product I've tried so far:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original ($19; not available locally*)

Neutral and Black Eyeshadows
You won't need a rainbow of colors. Just stick to neutrals for your everyday look.  Purchase a trio/quad palette with a highlight, mid-tone, and contour shades. Make sure to own a black shadow too so you can create smokey eyes during night out parties. And if you want a dash of color in your morning (or night) look, the most flexible hue is light purple which you can use as a mid-tone or a gradient color in blending your contour towards the browbone.
Always apply an eye primer or eyeshadow base to make the shadows last.
To get a better color pay-off, pat the shadows instead of sweeping them on your lids.

Black Eyeliner
It's function is in its name itself. Line the eyes. This makeup product is used to enhance our eyes by giving the illusion of more defined eyes and fuller lashes. It is available in pencil, gel/cream, and liquid forms.
For a natural look, use a pencil liner and smudge with a pencil brush.
For more defined eyes, apply either a gel/cream or liquid liner.
Wing out the liner for a sexier look.
Best products I've tried so far:
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero ($19; not available locally*)
Sephora Collection Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner in 01 Keep Black (AED 59; not available locally*)

Mascara is another eye enhancing product. It's sole purpose is to make the lashes darker, thicker, and longer. There are different formulations of mascaras - lengthening, volumizing, waterproof. This product is essential especially if you have sparse or short lashes (or both).
If you want to apply mascara on your bottom lashes, then do it prior to putting on mascara on the upper lashes to prevent smudging on the lids.
Wiggle your mascara as you apply to prevent or lessen clumpy lashes.

Who wants pale skin? If yes, I presume you desperately want to become a vampire.*lol* Blush products are used to give color to our skin and makes us look alive. Make sure to choose a shade that fits your skin tone. It will look unnatural and funny if you use a bright pink blush and you're a morena.
Don't focus your blush on your cheeks. Always sweep and blend toward the temples for a natural flush.

Lip Balm
The main function of a lip balm is to seal in moisture on lips and prevent chapping. Our lips are very prone to drying because the skin is so thin, moisture tends to evaporate faster than the rest of our body. Lip balms come either clear or with a hint of color (and different flavors.) I prefer tinted balms though so I won't need to put on lipstick on regular days.
Best product I've tried so far:
LipIce Sheer Color Lip Conditioner in Strawberry (Php 145; any Watson's store nationwide)

Lip liner
What the ....? You'd think this makeup product is not as essential as what I've written above, huh. Well, you thought wrong. Lip liner acts like a primer (too!) for the lips. It prevents feathering of your lipstick as well as hold your lipstick a little longer than it should.
You don't need every single color of lip liner to match all your lipstick colors. Just purchase a (quality!!!) clear lip liner or in a shade that's of the same color as your lips.

Rosy lips are considered attractive, alluring, and feminine. In order to achieve lips to die for, lipstick is therefore a must. Red lips are bold and seductive while pink pouts exudes youthfulness. Hence these two lovely shades are must-haves in a vanity kit.
Put on lipstick with a lip brush for a clean edge.
If you want a bolder color, put a tissue over the lips after applying a first layer. Powder your lips with the tissue in between. Then apply a second coat of lipstick.
Nude lipsticks are great to match with smokey eyes during night-outs. So it's a great addition inside the makeup bag, although not necessary.


For that sun-kissed look, bronzers are the way to go! (Need I say more?)
Apply on areas that naturally gets hit by the sun.

If you are not fond of matte lips, then you can apply lipgloss over your lipstick for a fresh, dewy effect.
I say it's a must to put on gloss over nude lips to avoid looking as if you're ill.

I guess you're now ready to go the mall and shop makeup stuff! Don't forget to swatch some testers

Thanks a lot for reading! I'll see you in my next post.
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