Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sendong's Wrath: The Aftermath

Hello ladies and gents,

I am sorry for being away for three days. I was supposed to make a blog post yesterday but something uneventful happened.

Friday afternoon, the rains were getting stronger. And so did the winds. People in my town, Iligan were probably thinking it was just another typical strong rain. Around late evening, the winds were already bustling. I thought it to be strange. Strategically, Iligan is nowhere inside the storm belt. But at the wee hours of yesterday, we were hit by tropical storm Sendong (Washi) HARD.

2AM, I was still awake because the strong winds and rain bothered me. When I checked out my Facebook account, I read Iligan was under signal #2. Friends were also already posting that the main rivers - Tubod and Mandulog - had swollen and the subdivisions nearby were severely flooded. I just posted that people should keep safe and pray.

3AM, my aunt messaged me and said, my lola's house was flooded, about knee-deep. I was already disturbed thinking about it since my lola lives at the city center and it barely floods there. So,when my aunt decided to check on her, I said I'd go with them. When we came, the flood had subsided but left mud all over. I was relieved.
Poblacion Area. My lola's house was not spared from the flood.
6AM, my dad said we'd go around the city to check out the damages. I immediately got up, brought my camera, and readied myself on what I'll see. We toured around the city, checking on some areas nearby. There were severe damages everywhere. We went to Tubod area to see the situation but the traffic was bad. I saw fallen trees, trashes hanging on gates, people busy cleaning. It made me feel sad.
Pala-o River. The bridge was gone.
Ubaldo Area. Defeated by the storm.
Mahayahay Area. Trash hanged on rails.
Tambacan Area. The house had fallen.
Baslayan Creek. The lola had no choice but wait for the flood to subside.
Brgy. San Miguel. Water up until chest.
Brgy. Sto. Rosario. It was operation linis at a gas station.
Tambo Traffic Light Area. A child was helping her mom cleaning.
Tambo Area. The physical damage was unimaginable.
We decided to go Mandulog area but still wasn't able to get through bad traffic and flood. People were everywhere. My dad took a detour and when to a subdivision near Mandulog River. There I saw the most unexpected thing. Houses were washed away. The area was filled with water and debris. Cars were submerged. People were crying. Dead bodies were lain side by side. It was the most heartbreaking scenario of my life. I never expected to see what I saw with my own eyes. I felt my heart crushed with such uneventful thing.
Orchids Homes, Santiago. A car submerged in floodwaters.
Orchids Homes, Santiago. The houses got washed away.
As I write this post, death toll is already at around 200. Over 400 are missing.
My family and cousins decided to donate clothes, blankets, banig, and food to the affected. I also am asking for your kind heart to give something, anything for our fellowmen. Christmas is almost here. The only thing we could do is give love and extend our help and prayers.
Click photo for donations.

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