Friday, December 9, 2011

Ready to Conquer 2012 with My BDJ Planner!

Hello gorgeous ladies (and gents!)

How was your week so far? Mine had been very exciting! I finally got my first ever Belle de Jour Power Planner after months and months of waiting to own one! Yeeey!
It was just early this year when I learned about Belle de Jour planners. I was looking for a 2011 planner/organizer because I thought my life was too much of a mess already --- I missed important appointments due to my forgetfulness, my bedroom was like hit by several tornadoes, the files in my laptop are unsorted, etc. My mind was lost with all the stress I gave myself! And I have wasted a lot of precious time! So, I said to myself, I should get over this. I need to organize my life.

And so the venture to 'orderliness' began - I cleaned my room, started sorting my computer files, and looked for a planner for my appointments. I searched far and wide, from bookstores to the internet and I did found different kinds of planners alright, but they were either 'plain janes' or priced beyond my league (eg. coffee shop planners). But I didn't give up. I continued to look for a planner that really fits my lifestyle. And after several walks and talks and clicks of my mouse, I found IT --- the planner that I have been looking for: the Belle de Jour Power Planner.

Photo from BDJ site.
I know, I know, I missed 4 beautiful years of my life not knowing about this beautiful thing! (Note: BDJ was founded on 2006. Planners were launched on 2007.)

BUT (yes, but!) I was a little late already. The BDJ site had no stocks anymore. There were online auctions on the planner though. But they were waaaay out of my budget. I just told myself to wait for the 2012 Planner instead and settled on generic planners sold at bookstores.

Fast forward to mid-November 2011, I was already festering my mom to pay for my BDJ 2012 Planner which I ordered through their site. I couldn't readily pay at that time since I was still in UAE. I was 'in a hurry' because I wanted to get a discount. (The BDJ site offered 5% discount for 2012 planner orders on or before November 30.) My mom was very busy though that she kept forgetting, forgetting and forgetting to pay. I finally got to pay a discounted price of Php 568.10 for the planner myself when I came back to Pinas on the 30th. Wheeew! Just in time.

Come December 5, mister delivery man knocked on our gate and gave me my package. I was so happy that day. I finally have in my hands the thing that's gonna help me conquer 2012!
My super chic planner -- in double wire (spiral) binding! :)
Here are some awesome feats of my beautiful BDJ 2012 Planner:
This beautiful saying greeted me when I opened my planner. 
The planner has more than Php 20,000 worth of coupons inside! 
Yep, that's me! A certified BDJ Girl! *sooo proud!*
My very own lifestyle card! I've read at the BDJ site that we bellas can get discounts with this aside from the free coupons!
A whole page for Random Thoughts plus several Bills Tracker pages!
Not only is this a planner, it also helps us bellas keep track of our money! And there's a full  page for  Emergency Info!
We bellas also get to have a full page to jot down our goals for 2012!
There's an info on Pap Smear and a page where we bellas can draw (or paste pictures) of our dreams!
They also integrated a Menstrual Tracker Chart which is really helpful especially to bellas with irregular  menses!
The planner offers a loooooong list of beautiful things to do this 2012! 
The BDJ Planner also helps us bellas monitor our precious health with this checklist.
A page for writing a list of people and loved ones to give gifts to.
They also dedicated a number of pages for planning vacations!
Each month begins with a beautiful artwork like this.
Together with every artwork (above), there's also an inspirational article.
The back cover has a pocket where bellas can place receipts, cards, etc. In my case,  it's a pad of Post-Its. :)
I'm psyched my 2012's gonna be more organized, more relaxed, and full of excitement with my Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner!

For orders and inquiries, visit Belle de Jour Power Planner site or like their Facebook fan page.
Price: Php 598 (online and in selected bookstores)

Thanks for reading! I'll see you in my next post.


  1. Good for you. :) I think I will be getting this planner, too!

  2. Hey Lianne! The BDJ Planner is deffo a must-buy! Go get one! :) Happy new year!