Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sephora Haul!

Hello gorgeous ladies!

How's your day?

Today's my last day of 'vacation' here in my brother's place in Sharjah. In a while, I will be going back to Abu Dhabi with my cousin. It's gonna be back to (semi-)reality now, back to job hunting. In case you didn't know (which I of course think so because of I've been MIA a few months now), I went here in UAE to live up my dream of working and living here. I went here as a tourist so this chapter is currently in dream state. That's why I call this my (semi-)reality.

Anyway, I went here in Sharjah to celebrate the Holidays (Eid Al Adha - big Muslim holiday) with my loved ones. Also, I took this opportunity to get the chance to FINALLY visit my dream makeup haven: SEPHORA.

Last Friday, my 'coerced' my bro and cuz to go to The Dubai Mall with me. Lucky me, they paved way to what I wanted. Hooray!

I was filled with so much excitement that day. As we went inside the premises of the ever-wondrous shopping mall, I was in awe with the luxury shops I saw: Tiffany & Co., Coach, Louis Vuitton, etc. But my jaw (literally) dropped when I saw the biggest aquarium ever! It was about two levels high and it was filled diverse sea life (Yep, SHARKS included.)

When I was finally back to myself, we walked around the mall. I kept looking around for my dream shop destination. After quite a while (and aching feet), I finally saw the SEPHORA sign. Without ambivalence, I went inside. It's like a dream come true for me! I was there! I had finally set foot at every makeup enthusiast's heaven! (I can die now. Haha!)

So I looked around, checking out the prices of every product from Benefit, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Smashbox, Dior, Lancome, and more. Sadly, the prices were overwhelming! But it was okay. I wasn't in the mood for impulse buying anyway. I just picked up what I needed and here they are:

* Smashbox Anti-Shine/Anti-Brilliance 30ml (AED 110)
Photo from Smashbox site.

* Sephora Mattifying Foundation Oil-free 9g in shade D35 (AED 88)
Photo from Sephora site.

* Sephora Waterproof Kohl Liner in 01 Keep Black (AED 59)
Photo from Sephora site.
*** I was supposed to post my actual photos but my iPod doesn't take decent photos.
**** Current Exchange Value: AED 1 = PHP 11.80

I spent almost AED 300 just for three items! Really, really expensive. But it's okay! I'm a happy camper! Reviews of each product will be soon so better watch out for 'em.

Question: How did your first Sephora visit go? What products did you buy? Share to us your story by commenting below.

I'll see you in my next post!

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