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EYE-DENTIFY: All About Eye Shapes

Hello gorgeous ladies!

The weather's really getting colder and colder huh? Got two more weeks til Christmas! ^_^

So, how's the season making you so far? Are you excited giving (and getting) gifts? Have you planned out your holiday look?
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For sure, many of you are watching YouTube already for some glittery makeup options to wear. (You have been found guilty!)

Let me ask you one thing though: Have you ever been in a situation (that is, after watching YT makeup tutorials) where you ask yourself, "Why does THAT makeup style look good on her and not on me? I'm pretty sure I followed her instructions!"


In this even-worse scenario, "Why CAN'T I look like her?! I AM 100% sure I have followed her instructions to the finest detail!!!"

Well, the culprit might be YOUR EYES. They may be shaped differently compared to THAT YT Guru you are watching.

Creating a beautiful makeup look for eyes begins with identifying their shape. Below are six common eye shapes.

This is when eyes are set about one eye width apart. This is the most versatile eye shape and is considered to have perfect proportions. Any eye makeup technique will work with this pair and you can play with different intensity of shades for more or less definition.
The beautiful Scarlet Johansson.
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Your eyes are said to be close-set when they are less than one eye width apart. The best way to bring out this beautiful pair of eyes is to highlight the inner corners and concentrate dark colors on the outer corners to make them appear further apart.
The controversial Kim Kardashian.
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Wide-set eyes are identified when eyes are more than one eye width apart. This eye pair appears open and inviting, and gives the owner a youthful appearance. Try enhancing that quality while making them appear closer using strong, dark shadows, particularly at the inner corners.
The supermodel Kate Moss.
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You will notice these eyes when the brow bone appears prominent due to the deep setting of the eyes. This pair has that magnetic quality that when you stare at them, you will feel drawn towards them. Draw attention to this alluring pair by bringing the lids forward though application of highlight and reflective shades. Avoid using dark shadows as they will further recede your eyes.
The sweet-faced Mischa Barton.
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This wonderful eye shape is defined by the bulge from the sock to the lash. Also called protruding eyes, this pair can be difficult to work with. The best way to shade this pair of eyes is to use medium to dark matte shadows. Avoid highlight or reflective shadows since they will only accentuate the protrusion of the eyes.
The charming Amanda Seyfried.
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Also known as monolids, this eye shape appears as a flat surface when closed up due to absence of natural crease. If you have this exotic pair of eyes, you can accentuate them by emphasizing the lash line and defining the outer corners. It is best to create a winged line with this pair. Avoid lining the lower lash line though as this will emphasize the smallness of the eyes. You may line from the outer corner towards the middle of the lower lash line to create an illusion of bigger eyes.
The tough chic Lucy Liu.
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So, what do you think is your eye shape?

Remember each pair of eyes is unique and knowing your shape can help you bring out the best look in your eyes and give gorgeous results.

Thank you for reading! I'll see you in my next post.

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Reference: Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

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