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Review: Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner in Gold Flash

Hello gorgeous ladies!

House of Flair, an online shop that sells imported US cosmetics, held a Guest Blogger Program for blog writers (both pros and noobs) in which the store randomly picks a blogger entrant every month and sends a product to the chosen blogger for him/her to review.

My blog was chosen for January to feature a House of Flair product and peruse it. I got sent a gold eyeliner to examine and give my judgment. So here is an upfront evaluation after a couple weeks of inspection!

Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner in 06 Gold Flash

The Catch
Enhance the color and natural brightness of your eyes, while adding shape and definition. It's a brilliant way to bring out the mischievous, confident, playful you.
The Good
  • It looks classy. The pencil's body is of the same shade as the liner itself which is a beautiful pale gold. Plus the writings have a hologram effect. You will never expect it to be a drugstore eyeliner with its expensive and classy look.
  • It is soft and creamy. The eyeliner is not stiff but rather very soft and smooth and it glides making it easy to apply plus it won't poke your eyes nor tug your lids.
  • It has a good color payoff. It already gives that rich pale gold metallic color even when swatched just once.
  • It can be a good base for gold powder shadows. Because of its extra creaminess, it takes quite a while to dry making it a plus factor for powder shadows/pigments to stick better. And it becomes a little (err, semi-) smudge-proof when set with powder.
  • It is affordable. It costs approximately $5 each.
  • It is available in different metallic shades.
Photo googled. Credits to the owner.
The Bad
  • It is not readily available. It can be bought on House of Flair but on a pre-order basis -- meaning you will have to wait for a month or so to get your order.
  • It easily smudges. I waited for like 5-10 minutes for it to dry but it didn't. When I tried smudging it with my finger, most of the product budged. You can see that it didn't dry much at a given time frame. I haven't waited any longer because normally you don't wait for more than 5-10 minutes for one makeup product to set. It'll be just too time-consuming in makeup application.
  • It creases. Same reason why it smudges -- its extreme creaminess plus a non quick-dry formula makes is prone to settling at folds and creases of your eyes.
  • It doesn't last. See above statement.
  • It's not waterproof. If it's a black liner, you'll probably get raccoon eyes.

See how the eyeshadow made the eyeliner (as base) semi smudge-proof?
And look how vibrant the eyeshadow is with the eyeliner as base!
The Verdict
3 / 5
Not a good product for its purpose -- eye lining. So I won't recommend it IF you plan to buy a gold eyeliner. There are probably better ones out there. But if you already have it, you can still put it to good use as a base for gold pigments.
Don't fret though! You can still use it as an eyeliner. Use an angled eyeliner brush to get some product from the pencil and line the eyes. Apply a powder eyeshadow over the line using the same brush. It's basically the same concept with using the product as a base and setting with a pigment/shadow.

The Seller
House of Flair (HoF) is an online boutique that does the shopping for you in US stores. Of course, you can't just fly to the USA to buy that certain brand (that unfortunately is not yet available in the Philippine shores.) Think of HoF as a personal shopping assistant. ^.^

HoF has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine October 2010 issue as one of the Top 50 trusted Multiply sellers and Top 50 Merchants of Multiply in 2011. The said shop is owned and managed by Miss Suyen, who is very friendly and accommodating. She gives value in customer service thus doing business with her is never a hassle.
For inquiries, click here.
For orders, click here.
To join the Guest Blogger Program, click here.

Here's a photo of a makeup look that I did using the
Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner in Gold Flash as an eye base.
It surely made the eyeshadows pop!
Note: No eye primer applied.
Thanks for reading! I'll see you in my next post.

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