Saturday, February 11, 2012

NYX Haul!

Hello gorgeous ladies!

Have you ever tried any NYX palette?

I had been dying to buy the NYX Nude on Nude Palette ever since it came out and became dubbed as a great alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I browsed local online stores to check out the prices and (of course) buy from the one who sells it the lowest. :)

I chanced upon Purpektionshop's Facebook page, an online store that sells NYX products, GEO contact lenses, cosplay wigs, and so much more. When I checked out her prices, they were not just good, they're a bargain! I thought it was too good to be true so I investigated whether it's a scam or not. Good enough, I found out that they ARE an up and running since 2007 store with good feedbacks. So I didn't think twice of buying from there.

As I browsed through the shop's photos, I saw a NYX palette named Box of Smokey Look Collection. It caught my eye because it was priced 100 bucks lesser their Nude on Nude palette. It also has more eyeshadows, lipcolors plus bonus items such as blushes, highlight and contour shades, a bronzer, an eyeliner pencil, eye glitter cream shadows, and concealers. Since I was after neutral tones, I made sure that if not all, most shades from the Nude on Nude can be found on the Box of Smokey Collection and true enough, almost every color is there.

Without further reasoning, I ordered the NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection together with some Round Lipsticks (Paris, Tea Rose, Femme, and Electra shades) and Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Loose Pearl Mania in Yellow Gold. It was on pre-order basis though they have some on-hand stocks too. The Box of Smokey palette wasn't just in stock.

So I waited for around 2 weeks for my orders. When they had it stocked already, Vanessa of Purpektionshop informed me about it and thus I looked forward to finally get it on my hands! But time gave me thrills and shrills because the courier lost my package. Vanessa and I kept on calling the courier for days but all they gave were reasons.

I was getting frustrated each day but Vanessa was kind enough to offer to send me another set of my orders. I was glad and thankful for her gesture. She said though that she doesn't have a stock on the Yellow Gold Loose Pearl Mania. So I said to her that I'll be having another Jumbo Eye Pencil in Dark Brown and will just pay for the price difference.

A package came in 2 days after. My NYX haul had arrived! I texted Vanessa about the balance but she said I didn't need to pay for it anymore and she was sorry for the hassle! Isn't she a sweetheart? It's not even her fault. She even added a glittery eyeshadow quad (with a zebra print case which I totally love) for free! I just love her. :)

So (after so much talking), I present to you my haul. lol

I will be posting a review on each product soon. I already have the testing and swatching ongoing soooo... That's it!

Thank you for reading! I'll see you in my next post.


  1. wow, nice! can't wait to see swatches. ^_^

    1. Hi Hollie! I'm working on it. :) Dami kasi pending posts esp malapit na Valentine tsaka promo season na rin.. hehehe!