Thursday, February 9, 2012

BDJ Coupon Claimed!

Hello gorgeous ladies!

Are you a certified Belle de Jour?
I am pretty sure you have heard about Viviamo's Belle de Jour Power Planner. I mean, who hasn't? This diary planner is so pretty you couldn't resist buying it! :) I am in love with the layout of this planner, well-arranged and  colorful. Not only that, I got more than 80 awesome coupons when I bought it! Isn't that amazing?

The only thing though is, most of the coupons are claimable in Manila (some are in Cebu and Davao.) And I am one probinsyana who lives in a humble town city in Mindanao. That means, it is quite unlikely I'd be able to use most of my coupons since there's a 0 to 1 chance that I'll be going to Manila this year. I just don't have any business there. (Plus I can NOT afford to go anywhere. I'm poor as a rat. huhu!) Anyway, I'm still glad BDJ included some that can be claimed online and in Cagayan de Oro, our neighboring city. (So it's not really a total loss.)
Last mid-January, I emailed Athena-Unilab (as per instruction at the back of the coupon) that I'll be claiming my Athena Milk for Women samples. Good thing, they replied few days after and informed me to wait for two weeks tops to have my trial packs shipped.
Last February 4, a box came in. I was so excited and happy to open it. Inside were two boxes of Athena Milk for Women in 180gms. Nice! I wasn't expecting that they'll give me two regular boxes of milk for a sample. I thought I'd be getting like 6 small sachets or something.
Well, I got more than what I thought I'd be getting so I'm definitely gonna be sharing these to my mom and sis. <3

How about you BDJ Girl? What coupon have you claimed/use already?

Thanks for reading! I'll see you in my next post.


  1. Where can I buy a BDJ planner? I live under a rock so I do not know about that or where to buy. :(

  2. Hi sis! You can purchase thru the BDJ site ( They also have stocks at selected Fully Booked and National Bookstores. Just check their webpage. Full info's there. :)