Sunday, January 1, 2012

Purple Sparks: A NYE Look

Hello gorgeous ladies!

A happy and blessed new year to you!
Photo googled. Credit to the owner.
How's 2012 treating you so far?

At my first 7 hours of 2012 (yes, it's already 7AM), I'm still feelin' W-I-D-E awake and there's not even a tiny bit of sleepiness in me. I blame it on sugar rush! I had lots (and I mean LOTS) of servings of saccharine-rich desserts during media noche such as mango tapioca, and leche flan.

My NYE look. I just had a bare face. I didn't feel like putting some makeup on since I was just celebrating new year's eve with my immediate family. No visitors. So, it's nothing big really. Plus I didn't have much time prior to that due to cooking and cooking and cooking and cleaning and stuff. So yeah.

Her NYE look. By the time I was free though, my sis-in-law asked me if I could do her makeup. I gladly obliged (since I got sick of doing my face most of the time. lol JOKE!) Plus I got to decide what look to do on her. Oh yeah, it wasn't really (literally) a NYE look since it was past midnight already when I did her makeup.
Photo googled. Credit to the owner.
(Sorry, I had to grab a photo online. My purple fireworks photos were faaaar from decent to be posted.)

Prior to the makeup thing, I watched fireworks display outside our house and fell in love with the purple sparks. It was such a beautiful contrast to the black nighttime sky. This became my inspiration in doing in sis-in-law's makeup.

Products used:
Red Earth Prime Perfection Mattifying Makeup Base
Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation in Pure Beige (Medium 2)
DollFace 20-piece Concealer Palette
Sephora Mattifying Foundation in Tan 35

E.L.F. Eye Primer
DollFace 88 Color Palette
Starry Ultra Shimmer Combo in Purple 6
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black 01
L'Oreal Double Extension Waterproof Mascara in Black
Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
Ever Bilena Ever Original Eyebrow Pencil in Brown

Merle Norman Definitive Lip Liner in Light Chocolates
NYX Round Lipstick in Louisiana
Calvin Klein Creme Lipstick in Delicious Luxury
Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lipgloss (clear)
My sis-in-law said 'Have a happy new year!'
So, how did you wear your NYE look?

Have a beautiful year ahead!
Thanks for reading! I'll see you in my next post.
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