Saturday, December 4, 2010

Review! ClutterZap's EarBones -- Earphones Saver!

Hello everyone!

Okay, I'm not a fan of listening to music and videos through earphones. My sister does. She lugs with her her Ipod Touch wherever she goes -- at work, in her room, and even at the comforts of our bathroom! If I can't live without my netbook, she can't with her Ipod either.

Ssssshhh! Don't tell my sis I took a pic of the insides of her bag!
When not in use, she tucks her Ipod inside her bag with her earphones, either wrapped around it or just tucked inside too, without worries. Time came, and her earphones gave up on her. And she had no choice but to buy another one.
Damaged earphone! tsk tsk tsk
~ PhP1.8k

Ouch! The price did hurt.... a lot! But she had to buy a new one. And this time, she opted to care for it.

L-R: damaged earphones, brand new earphones
I was looking through Beauty & Minerals site when I happened to have gotten intrigued by this bone-shaped thingie called EarBones by ClutterZap. It was said to save and protect earphones from impending doom when stuffed inside the bag!
Photo from ClutterZap website.
The moment I learned of this silicon-made superhero, I immediately told my sister about it!

With no doubts, and full determination that it could prevent damage on her second set of earphones, she purchased one in pink (and so did her friends, and some family members -- in different colors though). ^____^

It's been more than a week, and she can already foresee her earphones' long life. :)
The pink EarBone goes with her Tokidoki theme!
It's not only cute! It also protects. ^___^
Product Info
It's called EarBones and is distributed by ClutterZap. Beauty & Minerals also sells these cute earphones savers. It's available in pink, green, blue, orange and white. It's fairly cheap at PhP 180 (approx. US$ 4.20). It's totally worth the price!

Hugs, Tracy_D

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