Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Major SPLURGE! Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set

Hello everyone!

My first ever brush set was a Christmas present from my Mom last year. It was a generic one but it was LOVE. (For the story, you can read my first ever blog post.).This brush set of mine has served me well for the past year. Most of the brushes are still intact and useable except for one (My precise-point eyeliner brush is practically useless as it isn't stiff anymore.)
My first ever brush set given to me by my Mom last Christmas.

Months passed and my brush collection grew. I bought individual brushes both at the mall and online. But I was still on search for the best brush set. By best, I meant sturdy, soft, affordable, and complete.

My makeup brush collection. The red canister houses my MAC brushes.

I first learned about Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set when Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats posted a review on it. I've been an avid follower of her blog and my day never ends without me reading her latest post! Nikki gave it an excellent feedback which made me wanna buy and try it myself!

My dream brush set! Photo from www.beautyandminerals.com

Then comes November. Sophie, the owner of Beauty & Minerals (the site that sells Charm brushes) decided to have a sale since it's their 4th year anniversary. I checked on the site and was charmed by the promos especially on the Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set! She's giving away Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush for every Pro set purchased!
B&M Anniversary Sale! Photo from www.beautyandminerals.com
Charm Luxe Kabuki is LOVE! Photo from www.beautyandminerals.com

I knew then that I must buy the set before November ends!

(I also ordered six EarBones by ClutterZap as Sophie distributes them too and she's selling them for PhP 800 for 6 pieces!)
EarBones by CLutterZap. Photo from www.clutterzap.multiply.com
Last week, I withdrew my savings to finally get hold of the bargain, paid Sophie via GCash on Wednesday morning for her to ship it same day, then waited for my package to arrive on Friday.

I had my PM duty on Thursday. I arrived home at around midnight. I immediately went to my room to fill up my newly purchased train case. Then I noticed an Air21 pack on my bed. It's from Sophie!

My Air21 package from Sophie!

Unveiling what's inside.
Taadaah! My Charm Pro Set, EarBones, and the freebies: Charm Luxe Kabuki, Charm Concealer Brush, 2 Cure samples, and an instruction manual.  ^____^
All the brushes are soft, sturdy, and nonscratchy! I was in awe the moment I felt them! They are, by far, the B-E-S-T!

Imma definitely gonna post a review on them soon! After 4-5 washings, perhaps. Watch out for it!

Thanks mucho for all these, Miss Sophie! This is totally a best buy!

Hugs, Tracy_D

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