Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Off to A Makeup Journey

I'm officially taking my FIRST step towards My Makeup Adventure! 

Read on and join me as I journey the World of Makeup! 

How It Started
I  have been an enthusiast since uhmmm... well... late last year. My not-so-new found relationship with makeup began when I stumbled upon Michelle Phan's YouTube Channel. I really can't remember how I got there but I the moment I saw her tuts, I knew I was in love (with makeup, of course!) Everyday I watched her videos and everyday I eagerly wait for new uploads!

Days passed and sometimes (well, oftentimes) I got so impatient  waiting for new vids from Michelle, I decided to look up other makeup tuts (I now fully understand that filming and editing DO take time.) Imagine my amazement, when countless videos popped up right after I clicked Search! I never knew YouTube had so much 'treasure'! *jawdropped* From then on, I never left my netbook (except when I eat, sleep, and go to work.) :-p

My First Brush Set
Watching makeup tutorials on YouTube somehow paved its way into my ADL's. (Note: ADL's - activities of daily living.) It became a habit. It became typical. I got so interested that even my Mom noticed. So, on Christmas she got me my first ever set of  brushes (a 15-piece) as a present.

It was nothing special. The hairs were not the best -- some have 'buhaghag' and feel (just a little!) scratchy. The handles were ordinary and were made of raw (red) wood. The ferrules were just plain and black. And the brush roll was made of average-looking silver leatherette.

But to me, they were PERFECT! (Thanks Mom!)

Pursuing My Dream
At present, the number of brushes I own has doubled (or maybe tripled, I'm not sure. I'm not counting 'em.) And YouTube has made me more knowledgeable than before. (Yes, I am learning through online tutorials.) But all these are just the beginning of my dream -- to become a Professional Makeup Artist. ^___^

That red canister houses my MAC Enchanted Vermillion Brushes!

As for now, I still watch on YouTube for more tips and tricks. I do makeup on my family and myself either for occasions or just for fun! And I'm planning on doing photoshoots, and providing services for a fee (when I'm free --- I can't go full-time yet. I need my present job to supply my makeup needs. Ehehe!) And I am still hoping to get a formal training soon (if money permits!).

And to make things official (in my own right).... *drum roll please* I am starting off this blog! This is gonna be like a diary (well, of course!) Entries will be mainly on makeup --- whether hauls, tutorials, or product reviews. All will be written based on my thoughts and opinions.

Inputs will be scrutinized prior to posting.*char*

Well, that's it!

I'll see you on my next blog entry!




  1. apir ching! I love make-up too since waaay back...but I started getting a wee bit more serious at it after watching Michelle Phan. I tried painting but I'm just too messy, I think make-up is the next best thing. Although I'm not at that level so as to consider making it a career i totally agree that it is fascinating enough to invest moolah on (as in much moolah!)love the ones u posted on fb...starting to experiment on Promise Phan's tuts and that's all thanks to you!

    Keep it up!

  2. Ate Charlotte!

    Makeup it is! Gosh, now I'm saving for a pro brush set and a train case! Hurot pud ato sweldo ani bah.. AHAHAHA!

    Oh yeah, Promise is waaaaaay better than MP in my opinion.