Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All I Want for Christmas ARE...

The rains that fall almost everyday. The cold nights that lull me to sleep. The festive decors at the mall. Party planning at work. Are you feeling it too? Yep! It's almost Christmas!

The most awaited time of the year is just a month away. People are already preparing for the upcoming season! Window shopping, party planning, gift searching (and wrapping), food budgeting and counting how many inaanak you have are just few things that's keeping humans busy!

Me? I'm starting to put up my wishlist! Who knows? I might wake up on Christmas day with these goodies beautifully wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree waiting for me to open 'em! *grins*

So , what do I need this Christmas?

1. Charm Pro Makeup Brush Set
I've been dying to own this since I first time I saw it while browsing online. I was looking for a good quality professional brush set that's budget-friendly. This perfectly fits the criteria. It's got so many good reviews, this deserves the number 1 spot in my wishlist! What's even better? It comes with a free Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush (worth P580) when you purchase this month since it's their Anniversary Sale!
Photo from Beauty & Minerals site.
How about getting me self an early Christmas present? :-D

2. Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush
Good reviews + good looks = my dream k-brush! If you read number 1, you'd definitely know I should be getting this before this month ends!

Photo from Beauty & Minerals site.

Yep, this kabuki totally makes you drool! It'll make your mouth super dry. Haha!

3. Nikon D5000 DSLR
I'd like to take pictures with attitude. A point-and-shoot camera just doesn't do the trick. This entry-level SLR is definitely a good switch from compact ones.
Photo form

4. A new set of wardrobe (or just additional basic pieces will do!)
Christmas season also reminds us that this year's gonna end soon. Another year is coming and new year means new clothes! *I wish!*

I don't usually change wardrobes every year so what you see from me last year is more or less gonna be worn again this year! Only those that don't fit me well anymore get their sad buh-byes.*sniff*  I am hoping for updates in my wardrobe and be (a little bit) in the current fashion track. Not that I'm baduy or something. Hehe.
Photo from

5. Money to get me to Beauty School
Ahhhh. Formal education. I already have the passion. Now all I need is training from a makeup school! And that involves much moolah. Save, save, save is what I'm gonna do. Or maybe you could ....... ??? Teehee!

Photo from

6. To fly and work abroad before 2011 ends!
I'm a nurse. You know what that means. 

Photo from
These are basically the stuff that tops my list. There are still more wishes though but what's written above are things that will mold me into what I dream of.

That's all for now folks! Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas and see you on my next blog entry!


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