Thursday, March 15, 2012

Behind being MIA

Hello gorgeous ladies!

I would like to apologize for not being able to post for the last 3 weeks.

If you followed my Facebook page, you probably have read my posts about our internet connection. You see, our connection at home went haywire. I could get through Facebook but I can't open Blogger (or any blogs for that matter), Youtube, and even Gmail! Lucky, I have my iPod with me so I was able to check my emails. But because of the reason stated above, I couldn't post anything. Honestly, I was getting depressed each day I check online if Blogger could run with our very slow connection. There were times I was able to open it, but I just got disappointed when I load, refresh, etc. It was also at that time frame when Google Adsense was reviewing my blog. But I got denied because of lack of posts. :(

I do not know exactly what happened to our connection. We are paying every month for 1.5Mbps speed. We used to experience that speed before. But recently, it got crazy. We tried calling the internet's customer service but they can't give answers as to why this is happening. :(

I am just glad that as of now at 4AM, I am able to access Blogger. Thus, I decided to explain what happened, to you, my dear readers. Yes, that's how important you gals (and guys) are to me. I hope and pray this means our connection's already back to normal. Expect posts in the coming days!

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