Monday, November 29, 2010

Major SPLURGE! Legally Vain's Pro XL Vanity Case

Hello everyone!

If you have read my previous blogs, you'd know I always dreamed of becoming a professional makeup artist someday. I get envious of them pros carrying large train cases and belting their high end brushes, while they apply makeup on clients sitting on a high chair facing a lighted mirror.

Last Tuesday, I was browsing on some local fanpage on FaceBook when a profile picture of a train case (on one of her fans) caught my eye. I read the name: Legallyvain Vanitycases. This is interesting!

Moments later, I was already browsing their album pics. It was an online shop selling my dream train cases!

Pro XL Vanity Cases from LegallyVaiN
I was particularly in love with their Pro XL train case! However, another dilemma arises. No it's not money. I'm willing to spend my hard-earned cash for myself. After all, it's almost Christmas!

I was confused on whether to get red or purple! Red gives a vintage feel but purple looks sophisticated! I contacted Eden of  LegallyVaiN, told her that I'll be buying, and asked her which hue should I buy! She was very accommodating, guiding me through it all.
Red gives a vintage feel. Photo from LegallyVaiN site.
Purple looks sophisticated. Photo from LegallyVaiN site.

After hours of thinking, I finally decided to get purple. ^_______^ I paid for it the next day, then expected it to arrive on Friday.

It was Thursday at around 2pm when I was ironing my uniform as I'll be having my PM shift duty, a guy was knocking on our gate shouting, "Ayo! Ayo! LBC ni! Naa'y package para kay Tracy Daroy!" (Knock! Knock! It's LBC! We have a package for Tracy Daroy!). I ran and asked my daddy to receive the package for me. My dad came back bringing a box!

I was grinning with excitement! ^___________________^

Oooooooohhh, the box is bubble-wrapped!

Look how protected it is! Completely bubble-wrapped even on the inside!

Look how beautiful and sturdy it looks! The edges are made of aluminum! Plus it's got a combination lock!

It's got 3 big trays plus a space at the side for tall bottles and brush rolls!

This is how it looks when opened.

After opening my  package, I went to work.

Here I am posing at my workplace's facade.

After my shift, I went home and busied myself transferring my makeup stuff into my beautiful train case!

My train case full of makeup!
Review to follow soon! Watch out for it!

Special thanks to Eden of LegallyVaiN for being such an accommodating seller!

So, what's your gift to yourself this Christmas?

Hugs, Tracy_D

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